Projecting: A new idea of yours

Many times a new idea of yours, to become true, requires a project. Our developing department is surely able to supply to you.
We work on four different sectors : Vehicles, new products, materials and technologies, production lines
  • Vehicles : special bodies – special truck – motorhomes – truck for mobile shops are some of most typical requires our costumers and more bodies with minimum gross weight, ultra light shop bodies, are often difficult effort challenges but full with satisfaction.
  • New products : lice solar industries components. Building parts self powered, furniture elements, drainage systems, pipelines for gas and much more.
  • Materials and technology : Bounding, carbon fibre, special resins, nano-technogies for insulation and for surfaces treatments.
  • Production lines : Continuum presses, vacuum system presses, manipulator robots for clay molding, pipes coverages and much more.
We suggest a quick look to our pictures gallery and maybe a phone call to start defining if “your new idea” is something that we can make possible for you. Working together and develop your own production systems can be a great option of growing. Feel free to ask for an offer. Choose the level of what you need from just a simple consulting service till to the complete rearranging of your productive layout and its flows.